Deafened life saver continues practice through "beach flags" game

Yusa Masami says, "I love the sea in Kashiwazaki after I got married and moved to live. I want to protect it with my husband and friends." (at Kashiwazaki-shi, Niigata Prefecture)

October 25, 2013

Yusa Masami (遊佐雅美), 40, is one of the best life savers who has kept winning the "beach flags" game, which the players run in sands and scrambles for the rubber tube standing 20 meters away.

She cannot hear with her left ear. She lost hearing all of sudden in February, 2010 when she won 17 successive victories in the all Japan championship.

Yusa's job is life saving which prevents a marine accident. While she watches a beach, she cannot perceive any sign for "help me", and it would be a fatal mistake. Yusa thought that she could not but give up her job and a game because of deafness.

Since she got married, Yusa has made a decision to face it, and has challenged the domestic convention in June, 2010, and won. However, she won the third place at the all Japan championship in the same year, which her successive victories once stopped. Again she won three straight victories at the convention from 2011 to 2013.

The ideal as a life saver is to prevent a sea accident. Yusa prepares for emergency and continues training instantaneous power and judgment by beach flags. "There is a life of those who ask for help beyond this game."

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