Deaf woman promotes understanding of hearing dog in Yamaguchi Prefecture

Kamo explains the role of a hearing dog.

September 28, 2013

The demonstration of the "hearing dog" which supports a Deaf person will be held in the Yamaguchi Information Center for the Deaf in Yamaguchi-shi, Yamaguchi Prefecture on October 13.

Kamo Yukie (加茂由喜枝), 52, a Deaf office worker in the city, proposed to organize the event, appealing by saying, "I want many people to know about a hearing dog."

She has been giving a lecture since 2006 at the elementary and junior high schools in Yamaguchi-shi and Shunan-shi, etc.

One day, she explained the present condition, a role, etc. of a hearing dog. The children who listened to the lecture said, "I would like to do work which trains a hearing dog in the future", "I want to see a hearing dog", etc.

Although Kamo also wanted to prepare the place which introduces a hearing dog, the expense was a problem, far from being realized.

The Japan Hearing Dogs for Deaf People located in Miyata-mura, Nagano Prefecture is planning the national campaign this year using the subsidy of Japane Post. The organization accepted Kamo's request and chose Yamaguchi-shi as one of the 12 venues across the country.

Kamo is enthusiastic about the event, saying, "There are also many people grow older losing hearing. I would like to bring this event to the spread of hearing dogs."

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