Deaf student wins prize in speech contest of National High School Festival

October 8, 2013

Jinno Kana (神野華奈), a high school senior of the Ehime Prefectural Matsuyama School for the Deaf located in Matsuyama-shi, won the prize for an excellent work equivalent to the 4th place in the speech contest of the National High School Festival opened in Nagasaki Prefecture on August 2-3.

Sixty five students participated in the contest from the whole country.

According to the national high school culture federation secretariat, it was an inspiring feat for the first time in 19 years that the representative from Ehime Prefecture was placed on the higher rank winning a prize at the contest.

After competing with the hearing contestants, Jinno expressed the feeling of gratitude, "I appreciate the teacher who kept company for practice, my friends who cheered me, and my parents who watched."

Jinno lost hearing at the age of three, and used the hearing-aid after that. Although she went on to the local junior high school, she transferred to the Matsuyama School for the Deaf when she was a eighth grader.

She, mixing sign language, told the audience hard about having got interested in work of welfare through on-site training in a nursing home, accepting a disability and explaining it to hearing people little by little, etc.

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