Deaf man publishes an essay originated in tweets

Jellyfish says,  "I want you to enjoy reading the book".
October 22, 2013

A Deaf man, 29, whose pen name is Jellyfish and lives in Ichikawa-shi, Chiba Prefecture, published the comic essay that describes daily life with a girl, 27, who has a developmental disorder, titled "My girlfriend has a developmental disorder: the chaotic diary about the couple with disabilities" (published by Gakken Kyoiku Shuppan). 

Jellyfish's attitude which responds to the girl named Blue while she struggles the troubled thing in her life invites sympathy.

Jellyfish who had progressive hearing loss underwent the cochlea implant at the age of 21. He does not feel inconvenient so much for the one-to-one conversation.

Jellyfish and Blue got to know each other through the bulletin board on a network five years ago. Tweets between Jellyfish and  Blue were noticed by an editor and resulted in publication.

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