Deaf children learn how to make the Japanese-style food which is useful for lunch in Osaka

September 28, 2013

The cooking class from which Deaf children, hearing children and their parents together learn making the Japanese-style food, some of which can be used for lunch, was opened in the local center in Osaka-shi.

Non Profit Organization "essence" in Suita-shi, which carries out activity to promote connection and exchange of the eating-and-drinking industries for the disability community, and "Deaf Support Osaka" in Osaka-shi, which offers help the Deaf for independent living, planned the event with interpreting.

Imagawa Takeshi (今川岳) who owns a Japanese restaurant in the city was a lecturer. He says, "Although I talked slowly and advanced the class focusing on the children, everybody showed a better result than I expected. It was a good experience for myself."

Almost all the participants enjoyed the program that they learned the flow in cooking, etc. from a professional in an easy way.

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