Deaf alumni from Akita Prefecture celebrate 50th anniversary of the Tokyo chapter

October 22, 2013

The Tokyo Chapter of Akita Prefectural School for the Deaf in northern Japan held the 50th anniversary ceremony in the metropolitan area recently.

The alumni came up to Tokyo after graduation and experienced many difficulties in piles. The head of the chapter Kenjo Yoshiaki (見上善昭)  who lives in Saitama Prefecture next to Tokyo looked back upon the time when fax had not spread, saying he had to run a long distance by the bicycle for meeting with the person far away.

The Tokyo Chapter has held a cultural lecture meeting 68 times until last year. The members have studied broadly the welfare and employment policy, the overseas present situation, etc. through a lecture.

Many more members utilize the smart phone to carry out communication in text on a screen. Even if apparatus progresses, sign language is still important and the much more spread is indispensable to it.

Appreciation is made to the members of the Tokyo chapter who have supported development of Japan for five decades meanwhile caring for their hometown.

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