Day care center for Deaf senior to be established in Hiroshima Prefecture

The members advance preparation towards day-care service to be opened.

October 19, 2013

The Non-Profit Organization "Bingo Welfare Association of the Deaf", consisted of the Deaf persons, families and sign language circle members in eastern Hiroshima Prefecture, was founded in May.

The association is advancing preparation to open the day service center for the Deaf senior, which they will operate, in Fukuyama-shi next year.

It is because the Deaf senior are unable to  mingle with other hearing users and only isolated in a general day-care service in many cases.

Establishment of the day care center based on public nursing care insurance will be the first time in the Chugoku district.

The Society has rented an apartment room in the city this summer, with a capacity of eight persons, meeting the standard by the Long-term Care Insurance Law. It has a kitchen, a bath room, and a consultation space.

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