Bus continues running for Deaf children in Aichi Prefecture

Deaf school children use a public bus which runs only once a day in the morning.
(photo: http://www.chunichi.co.jp/)

October 24, 2013

In Toyohashi-shi, Aichi Prefecture, the bus on a regular route in the morning runs for 14 minutes from Toyohashi Station to the Toyohashi School for the Deaf only once a weekday.

The parents who wanted their children's safety campaigned for the constant operation of the bus, and secured it.

The bus company, Toyotetsu Bus (豊鉄バス), in Toyohashi-shi opted for abolition of the route at once, and it decided to continue after the talks with the parent group.

Toyotetsu Bus company has determined abolition of the route passing through the School for the Deaf last autumn for deficit cutting.

If this route were lost, the Deaf children would be forced to use another bus stop about 300 meters away from the school, or the railroad about 600 meters away.

It is necessary to cross a crossing without a signal, and the road to the school is narrow, and there are many accidents. Two Deaf children were almost run over by a car on the way to the school until now.

The parents moved and requested of the continuation of bus operation to the bus company.

One of guardians said later, "On the rainy day when an umbrella is necessary is dangerous for the Deaf children who most of time depend on vision. We are really grateful for the company to understand the disability."

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