Printing company creates conversation tool for the Deaf

The persons concerned show a communication card unfolded (left).

September 27, 2013 
Kasahara Printing, Co. of Isehara-shi and the design project Neo of Atsugi-shi, in  Kanagawa Prefecture presented to Isehara-shi 300 copies of a tool called "Communication Card" on September 19.

They together manufactured the "Communication Card" from April for the smooth communication between the Deaf and hearing.

The city plans to distribute the card to a local association of the Deaf, a fire department, a welfare commissioner, a childcare commissioner, etc.

The manufacturers received cooperation of the city welfare division for persons with disabilities in production of the card, and have also taken in an opinion from a sign language interpreter, etc.

Moreover, they distributed the trial product in the comprehensive disaster drill on August 24, and had feedback from the participants including the Deaf before the completion of the card.

When opened, the train-pass-sized card (photo) is unfolded to A3-size. The cover sheet of the card contains items required for an emergency, and communication items required for everyday life. The back sheet has not only the Japanese fingerspelling chart but also fingerspelled sentences such as "Help me,"  "Thank you," etc.

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