Meeting held for the Deaf to learn emergency reporting system in Kanagawa Prefecture

The operation method of the mobile phone was explained using the large-sized screen.

September 8, 2013

The lecture meeting of the emergency reporting system using the mobile phone, etc. which were developed for the Deaf was held in the Kanagawa Prefecture Nakahara police station on September 7.

About 70 Deaf persons in the city were present.

The "Emergency 1-1-0 system by e-mail" which the Kanagawa Prefecture Police Department began using ten years ago was introduced.

The participants learned the procedure which tells the position of the spot by the global positioning system (GPS) of a terminal, or gives the information during the occurrence time of an accident, etc. from the specified page on the network.

Unlike the emergency 1-1-0 system of the police, a staff from the Kawasaki-shi Fire Department explained that "Kawasaki WEB 1-1-9" would need advanced registration, etc.

He used illustrated instructions, telling when the ambulance or the fire truck was called from the smart phone, etc., the vehicles which are the nearest to where your are will be instructed to come quickly, etc.

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