Deaf students make a chair to be put in Ohara Museum of Art in Okayama Prefecture

The students are making a chair to be used in Ohara MUseum.


The bench or chair made by deaf students will be installed in Ohara Museum of Art located at Kurashiki-shi in the prefecture. 

Five high school seniors in the industrial craft course of the Okayama Prefecture Okayama School for the Deaf in Okayama-shi, Okayama Prefecture are making a bench or chair since April, which are due to be used in an exhibition room, a passage, etc. of the art museum.

According to the museum staff, there has been a problem to move the existing bench when holding a concert, etc. in an exhibition room because they are heavy and large.

While they were considering a purchase for replacement, a group of deaf students visited the museum as an extracurricular study in February and learned it and offered donation.

The five students made ten trial products, and will show these to the person in charge of the museum in October for a final check. Then they are going to extract to 5 pieces, to complete them before presenting in January, next year.

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