Deaf residents participate in comprehensive disaster-preparedness drill in Kanagawa Prefecture

The residents pump up groundwater to establish an emergency water supply base.

September 1, 2013

Prior to the "Disaster Drill Day" on September 1,  Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture arranged the city comprehensive disaster preparedness drill on August 31.

About 1,400 disaster prevention members concerned and local residents participated in the annual event.

Some participants established the water supply base, or the Deaf persons, mixed with hearing participants, experienced the shelter. It was more practical training, prepared for the large-scale disaster.

This time the Deaf persons and the members of the sign language circle both acted in a group with other participants for the first time.

"The Deaf person are always left behind because of audio information and tends to be isolated. This event offers the opportunity for Deaf persons to let other hearing people know that they live in the same area."

A Deaf woman in her 60's was relieved, saying, "I met some participants who said they knew sign language. Also there was much training using a character or a picture, which was easy for me to understand."

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