Virtual employee in the animated character as a sightseeing guide

The sightseeing bus drawn with an animated cartoon character employee

August 7, 2013

Ryobi Holdings Co., Ltd. based in Okayama-shi, Okayama Prefecture in western Japan began to operate around the sightseeing bus with a virtual employee named "Shichihain Mayuse" (七葉院まゆせ) in the animated character style on August 7.

Shichihain, employed this spring, works for the public relations section of the company.

She is drawn all over the body of a large-sized sightseeing bus (a seating capacity of 41).

She appears in a monitoring screen in the sightseeing bus, playing an active part as a guide, who can also sign.

The popular voice actor from Kurashiki in the prefecture does voice for the animated character.

Company officials expect Shichihain to strive for running across every place in the whole country as a public-relations staff.


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