Play based on experiences of Deaf atomic bomb victims to be performed

Ohashi* Hiroe* (right), a Deaf actor, expresses in sign language, while Nishida Kanako gives a reading during a rehearsal.

August 5, 2013

There were Deaf atomic bomb victims who were unable to notice an atomic bomb by sound in Hiroshima and Nagasaki 68 years ago.

To tell their experiences, a Deaf theatrical company recently produced the play titled "That summer I heard by the eyes" (「目で聴いた、あの夏」).

The play will be performed in Yokohama on August 6 when the atomic bomb hit Hiroshima, and in Tokyo on August 9 when Nagasaki was destroyed by another atomic bomb.

Ohashi Hiroe (大橋ひろえ), a Deaf actor, (42), directs the play based on the testimony collection "Live and Love" authored by Nakagawa Fumie (仲川文江) of the Deaf atomic bomb victims in Hiroshima, etc.

Three actors use sign language and reading so that an audience can understand the play.

Ohashi read the book, "Live and Love", by a friend's recommendation, and got to know an existence of the Deaf atomic bomb victim.

She says, "I would let people know about them, and would like to tell many people that man has the power of overcoming pain and living."

Japanese source:

*The Japanese name is usually in order: one's last name comes first, and then the first name comes next. 

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