National sign-language interpreting meeting held in Gifu Prefecture

The opening ceremony of the National sign-language interpreting problem study meeting.

August 26, 2013

The 46th National Sign-language Interpreting Problem Study Meeting (sponsored by Japanese Federation of the Deaf and National Sign-language Interpreting Problem Study Group) was held for three days through August 25 in Gifu-shi, Gifu Prefecture.

About 950 students and Deaf persons joined from across the whole country and discussed through the exchange of opinions aiming at improvement of welfare for the Deaf, the system establishment which raises a sign language interpreter's status, etc.

At the opening ceremony, President Ishikawa Yoshiro of the National Sign-language Interpreting Problem Study Group said, "It is necessary to improve the information accessibility for the Deaf person,  a communication environment to be secured, and the status of the sign language interpreter who bears them, but they are all still in the middle of a way of improving."

The training lectures of six themes, such as communication, movement, and human rights, were held four times each.

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