Mothers form a group to support hard of hearing children without disability card

Chairwoman Sueyoshi* Rika* (末吉理花), (second from right) and members are making clothes and accessories with remnants of fabric.

July 19, 2013

Five mothers in Kameoka-shi, Kyoto Prefecture started the group called "Barriers-free for Kids" (「キッズ・バリアフリー」) in order to support the children with mild or moderate hearing loss who are not eligible to have the disability card.

Sueyoshi* Rika*, chairman of the board of directors, (41), has a daughter whose hearing loss was diagnosed as mild one.

There is regional difference in the public expenditure that supports a hard of hearing child to buy a hearing aid without the disability card.

Although Kyoto-shi has the public support system, Kameoka-shi does not, requiring parents to
cover the total cost when to buy hearing aids for their hard of hearing children.

For this reason, members of  "Barriers-free for Kids" make clothes and accessories with remnants of fabric, and assist adaptive equipment buying expenses, such as a hearing-aid, with those sales.

The organization is also planning of making a picture-book for advancing an understanding of a child with disability, and offering counseling service.

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 *The Japanese name is usually in order: one's last name comes first, and then the first name comes next. 

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