Japan College of Social Work to hold experience lecture in "Japanese sign language"

August 22, 2013

Japan College of Social Work, located in Kiyose-shi, Tokyo, will introduce "Japanese sign language" in the entrance examination in February, 2014. Open campus will be held on August 24 and 25.

August 24 will be a special day for the Deaf and hard of hearing to experience the supporting system after admitted to the school, and the trial lecture by Deaf lecturers.

College officials expect not only persons with disabilities but also those who are interested in social welfare will participate in the event.

The College which aims at the personnel training in the social welfare field will introduce Japanese sign language for the first time with a foreign language, Japanese language, etc. for the "entrance examination limited to the Deaf/deaf students" on February 22, next year.

It is because Japanese sign language serves the Deaf-born student as a "native language."

Six Deaf/deaf students presently enrolled as an undergraduate student. In the lecture, depending on each student's situation, a support service is offered with sign language or a computer. The hearing students are engaged in the support service.

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