Home for supporting Deaf seniors in Gumma Prefecture

A female senior talks with a hearing care taker (right) in sign language.
(photo: http://mainichi.jp/)
July 18, 2013

Those who are hard of hearing by nature tends to be misunderstood as "when they grew older they tend to lose hearing."

Yet all over the country, there are still nine homes for the aged only for such people.

However, in Gumma Prefecture, a total of 20 beds of two existing special-elderly-nursing-homes are provided for the Deaf seniors since 2011.
In "Meifuen" (明風園) at Maebashi-shi in the prefecture, a ten-bed space is prepared for them out of 80 beds.

Four Deaf persons are currently admitted now. One sign language interpreter and two Deaf helpers are stationed.

Communication does not work well between a hearing staff and the Deaf user sometimes.

Although sign language was also so difficult for the staff who are unfamiliar with Deaf people that they were unable to build a confidential relationship with the Deaf users at the beginning, they now came to be able to sign after attending a sign language lecture at the meeting every morning.

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