Former teachers of Deaf children publish the book about Deaf life and work in Okayama Prefecture

The authors: Mori Tadasu (right) and Saito Masahisa with their new book.

August 2, 2013

Mori* Tadasu*, 81, and  Saito* Masahisa*, 69, both a former teacher of the Prefecture Okayama School for the Deaf in Okayama-shi, Okayama Prefecture, published the book titled "Work and Silent" (331 pages, 1500 yen). The book is based on the records of the Deaf alumni who fought about various jobs.

Mori taught at the school for 14 years and retired in 1971. Saito also taught at the school for 21 years till 2001.

Saito was willing to give his former students advice, etc. after his retirement. One of the most difficult issues to these alumni was about communication barriers with a hearing person at the workplace or in a community.

Three years ago Mori proposed to Saito that they would summarize a life and thought of the alumni in a book in order to raise a Deaf person's social standing.

Saito and Mori called on the former students to learn their story, asked for the account of their experience. Finally, by cooperation of the alumni association, the authors finally collected about 50 persons' stories of personal experiences.

The authors expect that "even if Deaf or hard of hearing, there are many things that they can carry out. "We hope our book will be the chance to change the social prejudice against a Deaf person."


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