Earthquake disaster documentary movie made by a Deaf director shown to the public in Tokyo

Imamura Ayako, a documentary movie director, at work in Miyagi Prefecture.

August 16, 2013

The movie titled "The Bridge: I didn't hear anything on March 11" (架け橋~きこえなかった3・11」), which a Deaf documentary director, Imamura  Ayako (今村彩子), 34, recorded the Deaf community in Northeastern Japan hit by the Great Earthquake two years ago, is released for five days from August 17 in Tokyo.

This movie is a work that makes you to consider how the safety of the weak, whose needs are easily overlooked in emergencies, such as a disaster, is ensured.

Imamura went to Miyagi Prefecture, one of the disaster-affected prefectures, together with the staff from the Deaf CS broadcasting program on March 12, 2011, the next day after the great earthquake hit the areas. She met a Deaf survivor in the shelter, who said, "I didn't hear anything, even tsunami warning." Imamura decided to cover the actual state of the Deaf survivors.

Imamura visited the shelters and makeshift houses in the prefecture four times until December, 2011, and covered experiences of the Deaf survivors. She finally made the four short documentary films for about 20-30 minutes each.

These films shows the relief issues, such as the state of the information dissemination to the affected Deaf community, and difficulty of communication with the surrounding people, etc.

The work shown this time was remade as a collection of those short movies, and added a follow-up coverage of the present condition of the Deaf persons who were covered in July, this year.

Imamura explains, "Life-threatening information should be spread without any gap. I made the movie with the thought that I want the society where every one gets all important information equally."

The committee is considering to show the documentary movie all over the country in the near future.

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