Deaf high school student to participate in National Sign Language Speech Contest in Tokyo

Miyake Kana practices a speech in sign language prior to the contest.

August 19, 2013

The 30th National Sign Language Speech Contest for High School Students, sponsored by Japanese Federation of the Deaf, Asahi Shimbun Publishing, etc. will take place in Tokyo on August 31.

Ten high school students chosen from the whole country will participate in the contest.

One of them is Miyake Kana (三宅花奈), 17, who will represent Hyogo prefecture. She is a high school senior attending a hearing high school, the Hyogo Prefecture Amagasaki High School.

She was born hearing loss, and her parents are Deaf, so sign language was a natural communication means for her family.

She is able to converse with a hearing aid, too. When she and her mother Naoko, 48, went into a restaurant, she interpreted for her to order.

When Miyake told mother about something pleasant or disagreeable that happened to her in school, mother was always attentive to her story.

Miyake will gives a signed speech entitled "I, sign language, and my mother" at the contest, in order to convey the feeling of gratitude to her mother.

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