Deaf members to perform with rich body expression and the power to see

Yamada Masaki, a Deaf actor, is instructed by Onodera Shuji  (right) in the exercise.

August 19, 2013

The performance titled "People who enjoy appreciation" (鑑賞者) in which the actors and dancers, both Deaf and hearing, will perform in East Ikebukuro, Tokyo from August 29 through September 1.

Onodera Shuji (小野寺修二), 46, who works on composition and production has led the pantomime workshop with Deaf persons for about ten years. His belief in various expressions will become a reality.

Yamada Masaki (山田真樹), 16, a high school freshman of Tokyo Metropolitan Central School for the Deaf, will make his debut with professional actors.

He participated in the workshop held in the Tokyo Metropolitan Otsuka  School for the Deaf for the first time at the age of 12. "I thought it uncanny that it could be expressed without using language."

In the exercise this time, Yamada grasps Onodera's directions through sign-language interpreting. He communicates with a hearing member through the use of the eyes, or actually moves the body in order to check the flaw of performance.

Yamada said, "I would like to appeal that a Deaf person can do a great thing. My dream is to become an actor."

As a pantomime artist, Onodera has observed the abundance of a Deaf person's body expression through the workshop. "The power of the Deaf person to see is overwhelmingly strong. I have found a lot about expression without uttering any word."

The other Deaf member to perform is Nagumo Mai (南雲麻衣), 24, a Deaf dancer, who has experienced the workshop. She will dance with a professional dancer after whom she yearns.

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