Sign language ordinance proposal to Tottori Prefecture assembly in September

July 6, 2013

In order to aim at the spread of sign language, Governor Hirai said at the regular press conference on July 5 about "the sign language ordinance (tentative name)" which Tottori Prefecture aims at establishment; "With interested organizations all over the country with a hope, we will incorporate the development of a community which can be friendly with sign language in the ordinance."

He made clear also that the ordinance proposal will be made to a regular prefecture assembly in September at the earliest.

According to prefecture officials, the ordinance was planned to be examined for  enactment by March, next year, but since there has been a strong request from the prefecture assembly and the prefecture league of the Deaf associations, etc. for early enactment, the prefecture decided to move a schedule forward.

The study group was held in Tottori on July 4, and discussed about the meaning of ordinance establishment, naming of the ordinance, state of the environmental management for studying sign language in an educational field, etc.

A draft is due for a public comment starting in the middle of July before a final version of the ordinance early in August.

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