Sign language class for local residents starts in Saga Prefecture

July 6, 2013

The sign language class organized by the Takeo-shi Social Welfare Council of Saga Prefecture and the Takeo Sign Language group started in the city cultural center on July 3.

About 40 persons participate in the class, learning the means of communication with a Deaf person through 12 lessons by October 16.

The greeting with sign language and the fingerspelling were introduced by a lecturer, Hirakawa* Shingo* (平川信吾), 61, of the western association of the Deaf after introducing himself.

One of the female participants, 68, who took the class for the first time, spoke about the motive, "I am a volunteer for the aged in this area. I think that a feeling will be conveyed more each other if I use sign language."

Japanese source:

*Note: The Japanese name is usually in order: one's last name comes first, and then the first name comes next. 

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