"Help cards" made for Deaf shoppers to help communicate better at a store in Aomori Prefecture

"Help cards" are shown by Deaf members.
 (photo: http://cgi.daily-tohoku.co.jp/)

July 17, 2013

The Hachinohe-shi Association of the Deaf in Aomori Prefecture, a part of northeastern Japan, produced the "help card," which shows in Japanese such like "what are you looking for?", "Does this size suit you right?", etc. to help communication smooth between a store clerk and a Deaf customer.

The association presented 45 sets of cards to the local stores union on July 15.

Store union members had voiced their puzzlement with usual receptions of the Deaf customers as well as with the evacuation guidance for them after the Great Earthquake hit northeastern Japan.

In response, the association proposed the use of card.

The union distributes a set of cards to a member store to be placed for use near the register.

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