Deaf center in Okayama Prefecture makes fairy tale DVD in sign language

Signed DVD of a fairy tale titled "Momotaro" (The Peach Boy) made by the Okayama Deaf center.

July 17, 2013

The Okayama Deaf Center located at Okayama-shi, Okayama Prefecture in western Japan made DVD titled "Momotaro" (The Peach Boy) (about 20 minutes) with sign language and illustrations.

It is the 2nd DVD of fairy tale series begun in 2010 for the Deaf children to enjoy the story.

The center had lent out DVD only for the Deaf adult, and started work of series in response to the request for DVD for the Deaf children, too.

The first signed DVD in fairy tale series was about "Puss in Boots," one of the popular fair stories in Europe.

The signed DVD is lent out free for the center registrant.

Japanese source:

"Momotaro" (The Peach Boy) in English:

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