Broadcast of political views with sign language interpretation provided in Shiga Prefecture

July 14, 2013

Casting and counting the ballots of the upcoming Upper House election is scheduled on July 21.

In Shiga prefecture, four candidates have stood for the constituency (one to be elected).

Three organizations including the Shiga Association of the Deaf and the prefecture sign-language interpreting problem study group will hold "the meeting to watch broadcast of their political views" with sign-language interpreting in Hikone-shi and Kusatsu-shi in the prefecture on July 14 and 17, respectively.

Although sign language interpreting by each political party's judgment is possible which they have taken so at proportional representation in broadcast of political views of the Upper House election, it has not realized yet in a constituency across the country.

For this reason, the three organizations planned holding of the meeting so that a Deaf person could correctly grasp the contents of broadcast of political views.

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