Tsukuba University of Technology signs for mutual exchange with Gallaudet University

Presidents Murakami (left) and Hurwitz shook hands after signing the memorandum in the signing ceremony.
(photo: http://www.tsukuba-tech.ac.jp/)

June 11, 2013

Tsukuba University of Technology (NTUT) and Gallaudet University (GU) held the signing ceremony to renew the university exchange agreement on June 7.

NTUT in Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki Prefecture is the only national university to serve visually impaired students and deaf/hard of hearing students in Japan.

GU, founded in 1864 in Washington, D.C., is the oldest higher education institution to educate Deaf/deaf student from around the world.

Both the universities concluded the sister school agreement in 2007, aiming at development of education and research until now through exchange of a school staff or students, sharing of education and research information, participation of symposium, etc.

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