New current-events terms translated into sign language for making broadcast of political views and a speech intelligible

Director Takada shows how to sign a new term, "plus 0 minus 5," related to the upcoming election.

June 07, 2013

With the Upper House election near at hand in summer, 49 current-events terms, such as "Abenomics", "plus 0 minus 5", "public assistance bashing", etc., were newly decided as  "signed terms in connection with an election."

The Japan Institute for  Sign Language Studies located in Kyoto studied not only the appearance of written words of a term but also the meaning contained in it, and announced new expression in sign language so that it might be easier for a Deaf individual to understand broadcast of political views and a candidate's speech.

The institute is striving to decide and spread newly signed terms for national unification in response to commission of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

It has been the 5th time since the 2009 Lower House election that the institute made the signed terms related to the election.

Director Takada* Eiichi* (高田英一)explained, "A consideration is needed when a meaning differs from the appearance of written words. We have many still unclear spoken terms."

The animation of 49 signed terms can be viewed on the institute website (Japanese):

Japanese source:

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