Experiment on translation through tablet in public offices to start in Okinawa Prefecture

The image of "e-mimi at one-touch"
(photo: http://article.okinawatimes.co.jp/)
June 15, 2013 

ISCEC JAPAN, a company involved in information handling services located in Uruma-shi, Okinawa Prefecture, will launch the positive proof experiment of a service called "e-mimi at one-touch" after the end of June to support smooth communication for a Deaf/deaf person or elderly people.

In the service system, the tablet computer connected with the company's call center will be installed in a store and a public office, etc. for the communication access.  

Such a service on demand style for translation in text whenever necessary is reportedly the first kind in the whole country.

ISCEC JAPAN and Interactive Laboratory Okinawa developed software together based on the result of a research of Tsukuba University of Technology.

When a Deaf customer comes to the counter of a store and pushes the start button of the tablet computer screen, it will be connected to the call center by wireless LAN.

The interpreter at the center hears what the hearing person at the counter says, and translates into text, which instantly displays on the terminal.

Although the audio was caught via a smart phone until now, sounds and text are processed in one way with a tablet computer to allow the smooth flow from connection to service.

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