Countermeasures-against-calamities questionnaire conducted for the Deaf in Miyazaki Prefecture

June 19, 2013

The Miyazaki Association of the Deaf in Japan's southern island carried out the countermeasures-against-calamities questionnaire for its 366 members, out of about 1500 Deaf/deaf residents in the prefecture, by a visit or mailing from January through March.

There were 250 responses. It turned out that about twenty percent of the respondents said that they are afraid there is no method of getting to know a disaster instantly, and that 60 percent or more say they feel uneasiness about evacuation.

The association appeals for a daily preparation to the Deaf community, and is asking the surrounding people for an understanding and support to Deaf people.

The Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 showed a problem clearly about the difficulties in access to information and communication; many Deaf people were unaware of a tsunami warning, and so behind in evacuation. The same issue was brought to the Deaf community in the prefecture.

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