City in Aichi Prefecture to distribute free badge to show ability to sign

The sign language badge which Toyohashi-shi made.
June 7, 2013

Toyohashi-shi, Aichi Prefecture located in the central part of Japan made 700 "sign language badges" so that a Deaf person find someone who can sign at a glance.

According to the city, this attempt might be the first in self-governing bodies within the prefecture.

The Toyohashi-shi Association of the Deaf took charge of a design and manufacture of the badge.

The round-shaped badge with 3.8 cm in diameter has the illustration of "sign language" in Japanese, "Toyohashi" in Roman alphabets and a sign which means "I love you" on its surface.

The Tokai Region Deaf Athletic Meet will be held in the city on June 22, where sign-language interpreting volunteers will use the badge.

The badge is due to be distributed also to the hospital which places those who can sign, a post office, and a supermarket.


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