Wanted supporters to cheer local soccer team by sign language in Saitama Prefecture

People cheer the local soccer team by sign language during the game in July, 2012.
(photo: http://www.tokyo-np.co.jp/)  

May 17, 2013

The Omiya Ardija soccer team based in Saitama Prefecture on Soccer J1 League will play against the Sagan Tosu team on July 6, at 19:00 in NACK5 stadium Omiya in Saitama Prefecture next to Tokyo.

An Omiya official sponsor, Mainichi Productions, is inviting 2,000 supporters to cheer the Omiya team by sign language during the game.

The similar event with sign language started in 2006, and this year it will be the 5th time.

The last event was carried out on July 14, 2012, with 1,325 persons. They wore the uniform orange T-shirt in the specially set-up stand, and rooted for the Omiya team.

The knowledge of sign language is not required. A participant will be admitted with no charge, wear the orange T-shirt given.

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