Study meeting held in Hiroshima Prefecture for hearing people to understand the needs of Deaf persons

May 16, 2013

The study meeting which deepens an understanding about deafness was held in the chamber of commerce hall in Higashi-Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima Prefecture the night of May 14.

The Higashi-Hiroshima junior chamber of commerce sponsored it, and about 100 members and residents participated.

Although there are about 470 Deaf/deaf persons in the city, those who use sign language are reportedly less than 100 persons.

A sign language interpreter, Karasawa* Mika*, 51, explained, "I hope you understand that communication with a Deaf/deaf person does not rely only sign language but also various methods, such as writing."

The participants divided into several groups learned how to communicate with a Deaf/deaf person through various games such like lip-reading, etc.

In response to the result that few persons gave the right answers when lip-reading, Karasawa explained, "Even if Japanese differs in pronunciation, there are many words with the same form on a mouth."  She suggested that using gestures would help communication go smooth.

Akiyama* Akemi* and other members of the Higashi-Hiroshima Association said that the Deaf/deaf persons are troubled usually and asked for cooperation: the Deaf/deaf cannot grasp a situation, even if a train stops at an accident; "Deaf/deaf workers cannot hear the siren in the workplace which tells the commencement of work or closing time, etc.

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