School for the Deaf in Kagawa Prefecture opens a support center for parents with Deaf children

May 16, 2013

The Kagawa Prefecture School for the Deaf located in Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa Prefecture, a part of western Japan, is the only school that offers Deaf education in the prefecture. It recently established the support center on campus for the Deaf/deaf children and their parents in the area.

The school set up the consultation space about ten years ago and has been involved in consultation services to support guardians and Deaf/deaf children aged from preschool through junior high school in the prefecture.

Since needs were growing more in diversity, such as consultation about Deaf/deaf infants that increases in recent years, the school determined strengthening of the consultation services.

Teachers who is also qualified as a speech therapist advise on how to use a hearing-aid or a cochlea besides pronunciation instruction, etc.

Exchange events, such as a camp and a pounding-steamed-rice event, will be also held. The school will not only make concrete proposal about teaching materials, etc. to the teacher who takes charge of hard of hearing children, but also hold the study session in the center periodically.

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