Performance group "HANDSIGN" dashes forward with sign language

May 10, 2013

The five men group performance unit, HANDSIGN (Hand Sign), which combines sign language and the street dance becomes the first in Japan, continuing the new music scene that one can see and enjoy with the eyes.

HANDSIGN, formed in 2005, attracted attention first when they appeared in "a guide to learning the sign language by performance" which was broadcast by the monitor of JR Yamanote Line, etc. in the car in 2011.

Then, the group appeared on TV programs and were requested for a public performance at a stretch. They belonged to the Oscar Promotion Office in January, this year.

HANDSIGN also appears on an NHK education program titled "Everybody's Sign Language" since April. They take charge of the sign language dance with original music every other month, and a member announces a mini sign language dance by turns.

They also visit a school for the Deaf for signed performance willingly.

The group arranged a dance of the lyrics and sign language as a theme song for the Japanese national team who will participate in the Summer Deaflympics in Bulgaria in July, this year.

The HANDSIGN was appointed as an official supporter, promoting recognition of Deaflympics as well as encouraging the Deaf athletes for the international convention.

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