Otsu city office in Shiga Prefecture stations Deaf counselor

A Deaf counselor, Onaka Koji, appealed for cooperation at the meeting with city hall officials, etc.
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May 2, 2013
Otsu-shi, Shiga Prefecture has stationed the "Deaf counselor" who advises a Deaf/deaf person who has a trouble for the first time in the prefecture.

According to the Otsu Welfare Association of the Deaf, there are many issues such like: there is no person who helps Deaf persons with their problems by sign language even if they seeks help, or it is impossible for Deaf persons to write what is their problem in details during counseling.

Deaf/deaf persons have few opportunities to get to know the place about which it can give advice, and usually visit the association of the Deaf or the organization of sign language interpreters.

Onaka Koji (尾中浩治), 51, who is Deaf himself, became a new counselor. He will introduce where to consult, such as a hospital, a job placement office, a lawyer's office, depending on the contents of consultation.

Onaka says, "I think that there will be more elderly people who live alone and have insufficient information. When they come to me, I intent not only to introduce an expert to them but also to give proper information."

Ishino Fushisaburou (石野富志三郎), 61, the association president and also chairman of the board of directors of the Japanese Federation of the Deaf, commented, "City offices tend to think that sign language interpreters should just respond to a request from the Deaf client. I expect that assigning the Deaf counselor will change such a situation."

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