Former Tateyama School for the Deaf to establish alumni association

Alumni members work towards alumni association establishment

May 13, 2013

The alumni group of the Tateyama School for the Deaf in Chiba Prefecture is advancing alumni association establishment.

About 50 alumni members, former teachers and staff will gather on May 18 at an organization meeting in the hotel in Tateyama-shi to launch an alumni association.

The Tateyama School for the Deaf was established as a branch school of the prefecture Chiba School for the Deaf, and became independent after that in 1958.

However, since the number of students has decreased, the Chiba board of education set forth the plan to unify the school for the Deaf to the Awa Special Support School for students with disabilities in the prefecture.

The school for the Deaf was unified to the Awa School in April, 2010. In response to the Deaf alumni's request, the school building was named the "Tateyama Classroom for the Deaf" then. It was renamed to the "Tateyama Branch School for the Deaf" in April, 2013.

In integration with the special support school, the Deaf alumni felt it was necessary to spread information and an exchange place, working towards establishment of an alumni association.


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