Handwriting app. with easy operation for communication

The handwriting board made in easy operation
(photo: http://www.plusvoice.jp/UDtegaki/)
May 19, 2013

Plus Voice (head office: Sendai-shi, Miyagi Prefecture) that deals with a deaf-friendly welfare solution, developed the "UD Handwriting" Board with an application for hand writing, in collaboration with two companies, Shamrock Records, Inc. and Advanced Media, Inc. both located in Tokyo.

Plus Voice will start a sale of the UD Handwriting on May 17, 2013. 

The application is distributed for free through the download service App Store which Apple Inc. manages.

The "UD Handwriting" Board was made by Shamrock Records, Inc. which makes elated application development in the universal design. The user can operate intuitively in an input-by-hand-writing application.

When Deaf persons take communication, they can not only use it as a writing board, but also take a memo with it on that spot.

Moreover, it is possible to display characters from the voice of a speaker through the add-on called "an input of a character at voice" which utilized the Cloud type speech recognition service "AmiVoice Cloud" of Advanced Media, Inc.

Plus Voice official website (Japanese):

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