Event to be held for Deaflympic promotion in Fukuoka Prefecture

Ninomiya* Shino* (left) and a "Fukuoka LIVE" committee member.
(photo: http://www.oita-press.co.jp/)

May 17, 2013

The event called the "Fukuoka LIVE" which advertises "Deaflympics" will be held in Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture in the southern island of Japan on  May 26.

Ninomiya* Shino* (二ノ宮志乃), 31, an Oita native, who belongs to the Deaf basketball team in Yufu-shi, Oita Prefecture, leads the event organizing committee. She says she is intent on promoting awareness of Deaflympics. "I want many people to know about the International Games for the Deaf and encourage the Deaf athletes who have challenged it."

According to investigation of the Cabinet Office in 2006, the popular recognition of Deaflympics was as low as 2.8%.

The Deaf athletes are striving for practice, while working full-time. However, many of them give up an entry because of lack of  funding. Actually all the athletes even have to prepare the uniform for the Deaflympics on their own account.

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