History: Discrimination against Deaf Sports (1) Track and Field Convention

Endo Muneshi reaches the goal line.
(photo: www.jfd.or.jp)

In May, 1967, Endo Muneshi, 18, a high school senior from the Tokyo University of Education (currently the University of Tsukuba) School for the Deaf located in Chiba Prefecture, won the victory in the Chiba High School Track-and-field Convention at two items in the good record: Men's 100M final 11 second 4, and 200M final 22 second 6.

The higher-ranking winners of the various items of this convention were to be granted to participate in the Kanto Region High School Track-and-field Championships of a top level.

Endo believed that he could participate in the Kanto convention, and he felt sure for it.

However, the National High School Athletics League made a decision to cancel Endo's qualifications for entry to the Kanto Championships on June 17, because Endo was a student of the "school for the deaf" instead of an ordinary high school.

League officials further explained: a deaf student is so unable to hear that danger may follow, and this causes trouble on a convention management, such as summoning athletes, etc.

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