Deaf man manages job assignments in Tokyo

Shioda Tomohiro at an interview.
 May 24, 2013

Shioda* Tomohiro* (塩田知弘), 25, works for the General Affairs/ES Promotion Department of FAST RETAILING Co. Ltd. based in Tokyo, which develops UNIQLO, etc., since February, this year.

He is deaf since when he was a small boy, and can exchange oral conversation with the surrounding people. His communication abilities are so good that people would forget he is deaf.

Shioda who never went to a school for the Deaf attended a hearing school throughout. When he was a high school student, he tried hard himself to develop his lip-reading and speech abilities.

After being hired by the company in 2011, Shioda got to know that the company was promoting positive employment of persons with disabilities.

Currently, about 900 persons with disabilities including Shioda are employed in the whole group (6.45% of employment rate).

The target which UNIQLO held up in 2001, "one person with disability for one store," has reached even to 96%.

Shioda currently sits on counter in the General Affairs Department in the company, being engaged in counseling for the employees.

In fact, he is also on the Japan national soccer team. He played and won the victory in the Asia-Pacific Deaf Soccer Championship last year. He will play for the national team at the Deaflympics in Bulgaria this summer.

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