Deaf customers at ease call taxi through a smart phone in Okinawa Prefecture

"National Taxi Allocation of Cars" application used for a smart phone
    May 25, 201

In Okinawa Prefecture, the southern island of Japan, the Okito Traffic Group (沖東交通グループ) has begun the service to call a taxi through a smart phone with the free application, the "National Taxi Allocation of Cars" since January, 2013.

Since a taxi can be called on the screen of a smart phone, a person who is Deaf/hard of hearing, etc. can use the application at ease.

Writing materials are kept in all the taxis since May, and the driver will be able to communicate with a Deaf/deaf customer in writing. Watch for the "ear mark" sticker on the door of a taxi as a sign.

According to the Group, after beginning allocation of cars by a smart phone in January, 300-400 cars are allocated per month.

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