Deaf baseball player aims to becoming professional

Noro Daiki in the Niigata Albirex Baseball Club

May, 2013

Noro* Daiki*, 24, a deaf baseball player from Tokyo, engages himself in hard training on baseball every day as a member of the Niigata Albeirex Baseball Club, an independent baseball club located in Niigata Prefecture, a part of northeastern Japan, aiming at becoming a pro-baseball player he has dreamed since his boyhood.

After graduating from the Horikoshi School, Noro was on the baseball team of Heisei International University till the 2010 fiscal year. Taking advantage of being a swift runner, 5 seconds and 7 for 50 meters, he was the best player to win the largest number of bases stolen in the Kanto region college baseball league for two seasons.

Noro aspired to be on draft for the pro-baseball player in 2010, all to no avail. Yet he did not give up his boyhood dream, and went into the Professional Baseball Independent League called the "Niigata Albirex Baseball Club."

Noro's position is the center, and was the first batter. His active role also shone with the 2nd place of the batting average league with the leader in the number of bases stolen last season which his second year, making a great contribution to the league title of the team.

He says, "Even though I am deaf, by becoming a professional player I hope I would give people with disability courage."

More pictures of Noro are found here:

YouTube: Noro's interview

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