Cities and towns mandated for training sign-language talented people in Ehime Prefecture

Training of the sign language interpreter is an urgent issue. Three years and a half are needed for learning minimum technique as a sign language interpreter.

May 16, 2013

The support by sign-language related resource are made by three kinds of qualified sign language interpreters: those who passed the examination of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, those who passed the national unified examination after having completed the training program by the prefecture, and the sign language volunteers trained by cities and towns.

The comprehensive support law for persons with disabilities enforced in April, 2013 requires every city and town to train a service staff including a sign language interpreter.

In Ehime Prefecture in western Japan, nine cities except Iyo-shi have been carrying out the training program for some time. Eleven cities and towns have started training, too, in April, 2013.

Ehime Prefecture will hold a national disability sports in four years ahead, and talented people reservation is pressing need.

However, there are likely some areas that don't get any training applicants, and it seem to be difficult.

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