Apartment house for the visual and hearing impaired to start construction work in Hakodate, Hokkaido

 May 15, 2013

The non-profit organization in Hakodate which builds a universal home (NPO法人ユニバーサルホーム函館をつくる会) will start building the apartment house for vision and hearing-impaired persons in Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido in Japan's northern island, in June, 2013.

The residence named "Hakodate House Hiyoshi" will have a full-time staff fluent in sign language who supports a tenant for 24 hours.

The Japan Federation of The Blind located in Tokyo says,"This residence is not a welfare facility but general rental housing.  That example which provides such service may be the first in the whole country."

A residence will be a 3-story concrete structure, with the gross floor space of 1300 square meters, five spaces with two rooms and kitchen, 32 one-open rooms, a dining-room, etc.

According to the organization's official web page (Japanese), the construction will be completed in fall, 2013


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