All the remarks uttered in assembly to be simultaneously translated into text

May 27, 2013

The Takeo-shi Assembly in Saga Prefecture, a part of Japan's southern island, announced on May 27 that it will make all discussions in its plenary session public in text immediately through the Internet, starting in June.

According to the municipal assembly secretariat, the move responded to the information need of the Deaf community, and that it will be the first trial in the whole country.

The city transmits the data including all the remarks made by the executives and lawmakers to an Internet-related company "ISCEC Japan" (アイセック・ジャパ ン) located in Uruma-shi, Okinawa Prefecture.

The company transcribes the data in an instant to be published on the city's Facebook page. Even if at the plenary session, you can read on the Facebook page for free.

The expense of the translation work is estimated about 3.6 millions yen per year.

The Deaf person used to read the minutes published one month after the end of the assembly meeting.

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