Photographic album on the Deaf and the Atomic Bomb in Nagasaki-shi


The photographic album, titled Don ga Kikoenakatta Hitobito: The Deaf and the Atomic Bomb (写真集:ドンが聞こえなかった人々 - ISBN978-4-89259-170-9), by Mamezuka Takeshi (豆塚猛), a photographer from Kyoto was published in 1991.


In Nagasaki, there is one time period that ended at two minutes past eleven, and another moving ahead in a present progressive tense that began at two minutes past eleven, August 9, 1945.

Forty some years after the shift, people were made aware that part of the present progressive tense is the Nagasaki of people who were unable to hear the bomb's bang.

Much has been told and written of the experiences of the bombing victims with normal hearing. They have come to be well known.

Deaf and dumb victims, though, were passed by, a forgotten existence sunk in an abyss of silence.

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