More college/university students with disabilities enrolled due to more support in the entrance examination or lectures


It turned out by investigation of Japan Student Services Organization that the students with disabilities enrolled in colleges/universities as of May, 2012 were 11,768, increased by 15% from the previous year.

Compared with the last investigation which started in 2005, it increases 2.2 times.

The person in charge of the organization is analyzing it as "the support in the entrance examination or lectures expanded, and also grasp of a student with disability by the college/universities progressed."

Investigation was conducted for a total of 1,197 colleges/universities, out of which 793 (66% ) colleges/universities enrolled the students with disabilities.

The number of students who are deaf/hard of hearing was 1,488.

The rate of 601 colleges/universities which support the students with disabilities in lectures is 50%, increased in number sharply from 206 (20%) in 2005.

The organization has started to build a network system for colleges/universities to share know-how regarding support for the students with disabilities.  

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