Follow-up: Menu taken away from the counter of McDonald's

March 28, 2013

It seems that only Japan has put the menu on a check-out counter in the McDonald's store in the world.

The menu placed in front of a check-out counter was removed all at once on October 1, last year.
On the Internet such as the twitter or a bulletin board site, the opinions were one after another about the disappeared menu that caused troubles.

A journalist reported that he checked whether the counter menu was truly removed whenever he visited McDonald's at the different places in October, last year and afterwards. He figured out that about 200 out of the 3,300 McDonald's stores in Japan would keep a menu permanently on a counter.

About having removed the menu, McDonald's Co. Japan Ltd. Holdings officials made a comment that they are "collecting data" to find about the customer satisfaction and how much the customer services have improved.

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